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Identify report dates with complete (i.e up to the maximum delay) reference dates


enw_reps_with_complete_refs(new_confirm, max_delay, by = NULL, copy = TRUE)



new_confirm data.frame output from enw_preprocess_data().


Numeric defaults to 20 and needs to be greater than or equal to 1 and an integer (internally it will be coerced to one using as.integer()). The maximum number of days to include in the delay distribution. Computation scales non-linearly with this setting so consider what maximum makes sense for your data carefully. Note that this is zero indexed and so includes the reference date and max_delay - 1 other days (i.e. a max_delay of 1 corresponds with no delay).


A character vector describing the stratification of observations. This defaults to no grouping. This should be used when modelling multiple time series in order to identify them for downstream modelling


A logical; if TRUE (the default) creates a copy; otherwise, modifies obs in place.


A data.frame containing a report_date variable, and grouping variables specified for report dates that have complete reporting.

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